Monthly Archives: November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving…

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and the house is quiet other than the low murmur of the parade pre-show coming from the living room.  Al Roker is wearing a hat that is shaped like a turkey.  Today’s craze and tomorrow’s one-hit wonder is preparing for her 15 minutes of fame. This cup of coffee is a new roast and the taste is sweet, which might be part of what has lead to this blog.

Today feels sweet.  I woke up a bit overwhelmed by the good of the little things.  Great coffee.  A warm bed.  A fun car that runs despite a strange noise.  A roof over my head and food in my freezer.  Smashbox eye shadow.  Too many pairs of shoes.

But quickly I remembered the best things in life aren’t things.

My parents, who are staying down the road, are happy and healthy and have been enjoying Nashville for a few days.  Lunch today is with Betty and Lynette and Therese, three women I am honored to walk beside in life. A multitude of friends and neighbors, are blurring the lines between friends and family.  They fill my need for quality time, and entertain my ridiculous love for excessive amounts of coffee and conversation.

And I am thankful.

But the flip side of the day seems to be that those words – Thanks.  Giving.  Give thanks.  Be thankful.  Give.  Are actions.  It’s not just enough to lay in my bed and breathe in this feeling.  The name of the day requires that thankful-ness has movement attached.  To give, and to give thanks.

So this week, I’ve been trying to make a decision on what I need to do for Advent…and maybe that’s it – maybe it’s not giving up anything.  For this lesser lent, maybe it’s about extending Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Making sure I’m giving thanks over the next month.  Giving love. Giving respect.  Giving sacrificially.

Just a thought.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone….