Monthly Archives: January 2010

Nashville Snowday

Snow days always make me a bit introverted.  Partially as I love the peace and the silence of the world after a snow.  Partially cause I really like an excuse to bundle up and be introverted.   Nashville finally got a decent snowfall – I think they said we got about 6 inches, which for Nashville standards is huge.

But today I think I’m just feeling very happy for the kids of Nashville.  Granted, they get a lot of snow days.   But this is different.

I remember as a kid living for snow days.  It meant sleeping in, pancakes for breakfast and hot chocolate.  Going outside for hours building snowmen, with mom finally giving the ultimatum of game time would start without me if I didn’t come inside.   Fire in the fireplace, card houses, board games, forts, and getting to stay up late to watch Johnny Carson.

To the 8 year old psyche, there never will be anything better than a true snow day.

We would color snowmen with food coloring and try to bury the dog in the snow (she didn’t like being buried in sand either, just for the record).  Sledding until you couldn’t feel your toes anymore – and that wonderful prickly pain of warmth returning to your fingers.

In the freshly fallen snow, everything is magic.  Everything is clean.  Everything is new.  And everyone is allowed to be so ridiculous to lay in the snow to create the perfect angel.  Maybe that’s part of it – not just the world is clean and new.  Everyone can be clean and new.

I’m glad I grew up in the Midwest.  And kids of Tennessee, I’m glad today you get to see what a real snow day feels like – even if it happens to fall on a Saturday.