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It’s almost my birthday…give me free stuff!

So, I’ve been blogging at instead of on my own site for a while now, only now we’re going through a re-name and re-design, so I’m going to move my words over here for a bit… To give a quick update…I’m engaged! Life is wonderful and this is my last day being 40.

I haven’t forgotten my idea to do 40 new things this year. I’ve done most of them – I just need to take the time to write about it… (you can see the few I’ve posted at

This week though, I am all about getting free stuff for my birthday. Why not? If stores and restaurants are going to make that offer, then by golly I’m going to take them up on it. And you should too.

So far, I’ve gotten a free dinner at Famous Dave’s (Rib tips. Mmm) and Ruby Tuesday has given me a free steak burger. It was delicious. I have print outs for a free ice cream cone from Baskin Robins, a free cookie from Bruggers, a free entree from Moe’s, a fish dinner at Captain D’s and a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity something from IHOP. I have a postcard for a free Starbucks drink, and I think I’m getting a postcard for a free Zaxby’s meal. There’s a special something waiting for me with my Panera card, my Sephora card and a free burger with my Red Robin loyalty card. I heard from a friend today that Firehouse Subs and Denny’s both give free food if you show your ID and it’s your birthday.

I’m liking this.

I know there are a lot of other places that do this sort of thing as well, and I’m all for it. Pretty much all of these are attached to loyalty cards, so do your self a favor. Start a junk mail email account, and start signing up. I’m not going to buy groceries all week!

Many more blogs ahead on the 40 year challenge, and the new adventures of wedding planning. Next week I may blog about the necessary gym membership to work off all the free food…

Let me know of great deals you may know about!