writer, publicist, grass roots marketer, merch girl, former carnie. lover of god, lover of life. incredibly blessed with a wonderful fiance, inspiring friends and a supportive family. former resident of LA, chicago and the farmtowns of illinois, now the hills of nashville are home.

i drink too much coffee, have no idea why people drink sweet tea and probably talk too much—thus the need for a blog…



5 responses to “About

  1. is lilly a Del Sol? You would look cute in a Del Sol…..:)

  2. Hello Lori,

    I saw your post about having trouble with Filemaker.

    I can make FM do wonderful things if your interested. Development is an art, you can give a room full of people paint supplies but very few people would become viable artists.

    Good Luck


  3. Hi Lori.

    My name is Akintola. I am writing from Lagos Nigeria. I read your article on “Putting a face on Faceless children” in Youthworker. We love you here. So we would like to work with you from here. I mean to share and learn from one another.

    May you be undone by His changeless grace
    With Love,

  4. Hey Lori, remember meeting me backstage @ the Doves? (Integrity Music’s publicist) Teresa Davis had recommended that I contact you for tour press but I didn’t make the connection until now that you are that Lori… 🙂

    Can you call or email me, shannonw@integinc.com / 251.633.9000

  5. Lori,
    Thank you so much for linking United Way Nashville to your blog post. We appreciate that! For more ways to help (including special posters, song downloads, etc,) you can link to http://www.unitedwaynashville.org/nashvilleflood

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Joy Haynes (615-780-2400)
    United Way of Metropolitan Nashville

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