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Wedding dresses

Ok – so we’re well into wedding planning, and I’ve been terrible about posting blogs. Let’s just say life is a little busy right now!

But I want to rant about wedding dresses. First, if you’re thinking of getting married one day – start saving your money for your dress now.

What I didn’t realize:
Dress stores don’t have a return policy. You can’t return anything. Nothing. If you buy a hair-tie and you decide it doesn’t work, your SOL and putting it up on craigslist to try to get your money back.

After you pick out your dress you’ll need to buy:
Probably some sort of a wrap or scarf
Any sashes or additions to the dress
and then

In my case, all of this cost about 120% more than the dress did.

Can’t they make this all a package deal? You get the dress and the slip together? Why be surprised? I understand a no-return policy on dresses (especially after it’s been altered), but seriously – why can’t you return the extras. They have my wedding date on file – they could say “returns only in first 14 days” or something like that.

Not that there is anything I want to return, I just thought that was not a very nice policy. Maybe I need to open a stress-free-wedding-shopping experience. Brides only. People who cause drama get an upcharge.

Just a thought.


It’s been a while…

Hello world-

I’ve been terribly bad at blogging lately.

Last year all of my blogs were dedicated to the currently-in-a-name-change DearPowderRoom site (moving to the name and I’ve been writing, but sadly not posting to my 40 Year Challenge site. This year, I do hope to do better.

Apologies for not writing. And now I will apologize to any men who may read this blog.

As for the next few months, I’m betting this blog turns into a “wedding rants” blog. We are going to attempt to get married in 10 – yes 10 – weeks. Both of us have full time jobs that are just that – very time consuming. We don’t want to spend a ton of money. We want to keep our families happy. We also would rather elope, but we have been told not to do that. I’m still not sure why.

I did check one thing off the list – I got a dress. It’s beautiful, and was the first dress I tried on. I would post a pic, but after 40 something comments on Chris’s facebook page warning him to not see the dress, I will restrain my post of a pic…you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Here’s what I’m ranting about right now:

Why won’t potential vendors call back?

Why did all of the stuff I have to get for my dress and do to my dress cost more than my dress?

And can someone send me some delicious, inexpensive recipes for cocktails that involve limes, or lemons?

Work is getting in the way of my fabulous plans. Stay tuned.