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How the Day Sounds

Today in Nashville is perfect – 76 degrees, sunny, breezy – I’ve spent the day with my coffee and my laptop on my porch, enjoying breathing in air that feels more like fall than mid July.  Days like this are precious, and I’m too often un-appreciative of their ability to recharge something in my spirit…

And my all knowing iTunes picked out a song:  How the Day Sounds by Greg Laswell….

Thank you for opening the window
The sky is clear as my mind is now
I was a long, long way off

Join me in welcoming the sun in
It’s much brighter than the night I hid in
I was a long, long way off

And I think I like how the day sounds
Like how the day sounds through this new song

Sort of a cheesy video….but I like how the day sounds…..so won’t you sing along?